TITAN Trucks & Trailers, Autocom, Sweden

An effective, user-friendly and professional diagnostic tool for trucks, trailers, buses and light commercial vehicles diagnostics. Together with the intelligent TRUCKS software it is the perfect solution for workshops.

Made by Autocom Diagnostic Partner in Sweden.

Heavy vehicle diagnostics

TITAN is advanced diagnostic tool developed to give workshops the opportunity for a faster, simpler and more reliable vehicle diagnosis. TITAN contains powerful processors and components specifically chosen in order to handle new stringent requirements for the flow of information. The strength of TITAN lies in its details such as the multicoloured LED-ring, connection via USB, Bluetooth or WiFi and the ability to use OE software for trailers.

Benefits of TITAN:

Trailer OEM software compability

Haldex and WABCO certified

Robust surface

Multicolour indicator rim

WiFi / Bluetooth / USB communication

Replaceable cable

Softwares suitable for TITAN:


TRUCKS is an effective workshop tool for diagnosing and servicing light and heavy goods vehicles, trailers and buses. Using System Identification, System Scan and System Update you quickly get a reliable diagnosis, with the focus on features such as troubleshooting, configuration, adjustment, and calibration.


GENERIC is a fast and reliable OBD tool for performing statutory exhaust-related vehicle diagnostics. The information is retrieved via the TITAN interface for vehicle communication and can be used for both cars and goods vehicles. GENERIC is used for periodic vehicle inspections and mobile inspections out on the roads, as well as by police, armed forces and schools.


With TRAILER OE software comes the possibility to perform brand-specific diagnosis on Haldex and WABCO. With access to Haldex and WABCO’s OEM -level data there are all possibilities for a complete diagnosis, including programming and calibration functions of new control units.

*Available 2021

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